Travis & Monique’s Storyteller Fountain Engagement Session

Travis and Monique’s story is unique and special. Monique’s mom was “looking out” for her baby girl ,who had just graduated from Meharry Dental School, and wanted to introduce them. As Travis tells it, Monique was playing hard to get at first, but eventually they went out on their first date to J. Alexanders. After a few years of dating Travis just knew Monique was the right woman for him… they had started a New Years Eve tradition by going to the storyteller fountain and making a wish. Little did Monique know that one year Travis made a wish that she would be his wife. It was later that year that he surprise Monique by bringing her family to the storyteller fountain and he proposed. Well, tomorrow is their BIG DAY! I am so grateful to be apart of this wedding journey with them! Check out their engagement photos below! Be sure to leave a comment and wish them well!2016-05-27_0001PIN2016-05-27_0004PIN2016-05-27_0002PIN2016-05-27_0003PIN2016-05-27_0005PIN2016-05-27_0006PIN2016-05-27_0007PIN2016-05-27_0008PIN2016-05-27_0012PIN2016-05-27_0009PIN2016-05-27_0010PIN2016-05-27_0011PIN

Porsche Wilson -

Love these pictures!! Congratulations and God bless!!

Kunya Jones -

These are beautiful pictures Sam!

Cynthia BoldenJews -

Congratulations!! Beautiful couple and pictures

Roxana Pursuing Phd -

Congragulations Monique may your union be blessed

Keely Watts -

I love it Monique!!!! Congrats!!!!!

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