I love finding  unique and inspiring locations in Birmingham to photograph engagement sessions. With this beautiful couple it wasn’t hard to find some cool looks to fit their chic style. It’s something about Samford’s lush green grass– I don’t know what it is, but its always so beautiful. Its always a joy to have sweet fun loving couples to photograph, I feel fortunate that I do.  It was definitely loads of fun  with Sonya and Fred and I can’t wait for their wedding in August! 2015-04-20_0001PIN2015-04-20_0002PIN2015-04-21_0001PIN2015-04-20_0003PIN2015-04-20_0004PIN2015-04-20_0005PIN2015-04-20_0006PIN2015-04-20_0007PIN2015-04-20_0008PIN2015-04-20_0009PIN2015-04-20_0010PIN2015-04-20_0011PIN

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Love is precious and when you find the one to spend the rest of your life with; it is something special. Christian and Julius definitely have a special love. I noticed it the 1st time we met to talk about their day. Christian expressed how she wanted a photographer to capture the essence of their day. It wasn’t hard to see what she wanted once our team arrived to the beautiful Gabrella Manor located in Birmingham, AL. Every detail was so elegantly executed and planned. It was truly beautiful. We loved the Spanish inspired details of this venue and it was a perfect setting for their big day! If you don’t believe me, just take a look:


Dwight S. Ladd -

really clean..love it!

D Jerome Smedley -

Excellent work brother. Loving the intimacy!

Courtney Boston -

Simply Beautiful

LaTasha Renee' Brown -


Iris Mannings -

Love this!!!!

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Just Kidding LOL,

So I will get to the announcement in a second, but first I would like to thank God for giving me the courage to do this; and for showing me HIS vision and plan for my life. Second, I would like to thank my beautiful wife Dr. Lori Jasper and my precious daughter Charity, for the love and  support in this decision!

Here it goes, over the course of 5 years I have been blessed to witness and capture so many awesome moments in the lives of some incredible people. Being a photographer has brought me incredible  joy and fulfillment and I don’t take this tremendous blessing lightly. Yes, there have been challenges and set-backs, but I count those experiences as necessary preparation for this moment ahead. I ‘am very excited about this next journey in my life!

So without further adieu here is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:

  • I quit my daytime job as a Project Engineer with HONDA Manufacturing.

and here is what the clues meant:

  1. I’m taking a “Leap of Faith”
  2. and going into FULL (full glass of water)
  3. TIME (Thyme)


So you’re probably like thats it? Yes, thats it. Now this may not mean much to you, but it means the world to me! It means I will get to see more and continue to be apart of those significant moments in peoples lives. It means that I have given up on FEAR and embraced fulfillment.  Not everyone gets the opportunity to live their dream; so why settle for just a dream when the reality is in reach.

Now, this was not an easy decision to consider. I mean I have a family, (every good man knows what I mean there…lol), and sometimes good paying jobs with benefits are hard to come by. I just know that at this point in my life I need to live out my passion and all the time, not sometimes; I should trust GOD. That is exactly what I plan to do!

So there you have it, Sam Jasper of Sam Jasper Photography is now a full time photographer. I am so excited about this next journey!


Sam Jasper

PS: Be sure to like me on Facebook  and Instagram at Sam Jasper Photography

Tamika Logan Reynolds -

Well alllllrig now. Congratulations and I need you to photograph an event for me. Where should I contact concerning the date? Again congratulations you deserve alllll the best!!

D Jerome Smedley -

Beyond proud of you brother. I know how big of a leap that is, but you are one of the best photographers, business owners, and artists I know. This will pay off more than you can even realize. I pray blessings and favor over you, Lori and Charity always. Anything I can do to help let me know.

Kira Reid -

Congratulations!!!! Big step…BIG SUCCESS!

Lynsey Nicole -


Damien Baskin -

Congratulations!!!!!! Miracles and blessings to you and your family.

Lanora Dowdell Cooper -


Vickie McHenry Rasberry -

Congratulations! Step out on faith! God,most definitely has your back!

Andrea M. T. Borom -


Danny Kang Austin -

Congrats Doc! It’s about to go down now!

Chalak Keziah Patricia -

How amazing! I know that God is going to carry you through this as you step out in faith. Remember: focus on the One who called you to ‘come’ out of the boat and let Him worry about the wind and waves around you. He will give you supernatural favor and blessings, and meet EVERY need for you, gorgeous Lori, and precious Charity! Love y’all – can’t wait to hire you for my big day :)

Devaughn Whitaker -

Congrats Sir! You’ve inspired many by stepping out of the boat.

Nakeia Nation -


Bobby McFadden -

Congrats bro!!!

Jillian Smith -


Caron J-Caronism -

Congratulations Sam!

Regina Taylor -

Believe it or not Sam Jasper I too did that same thing a while ago. I never regretted a day. People who knew what I turned away from questioned me in regards to my sanity. Therefore, I can tell you without equivocation that following your passion is GOD’s path – Your steps are ordered. Congrats!!!! Proud of you young man. I am proud of you.

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When I’m preparing for an engagement session, one of my first thoughts is– location. The location sets the overall look and mood of the session and I am a stickler for unique spaces. So you can probably imagine my extreme happiness when Charles and Tiffany told me they wanted to do their session at their amazing downtown loft! Not only was the setting amazing, but Charles and Tiffany are some of the most cutest down to earth people that I have met. You can easily tell they have something special together. I’m very excited to help celebrate their marriage tomorrow. Make sure you check back to the blog for updates from their wedding. It will be nothing short of AMAZING!



Bayyah Bayy -


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This wedding was so special in so many ways. First, it was Billy & Lakeshia’s BIG DAY! It was also the last time we will see a consecutive date 12-13-14 (at least in our lifetime) and this was our last wedding under our former name NowVision Photography. Boy was it a beautiful wedding day. I really enjoying capturing all of Keshia’s bridal details. The theme exuded  sophistication and style  with winter white and classic black tuxes.  Lakeshia’s bridemaids wore the most beautiful white gowns –we just had to do the now infamous Solange pose. Though it was cold, much fun was had by all! Enjoy and happy Wedding Wednesday!




Photography: Sam Jasper Photography and Nikeshia Fantroy of Pink House Photography 

Venue: Boutwell Auditorium 

Decor/Design/Florist: Chris Burson 

Caterer: Bayles Catering 


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