Have you thought about doing a bridal session with your photographer? You should. It’s a great way to get creative and feel comfortable in your wedding dress before the big day. A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph my client Ashley down in Mobile, AL. I am so happy I get to finally share the images  today. By the way her wedding this past weekend was amazing!

Ashley is a true southern sweetheart and she looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. Mobile was the perfect setting for a true southern feel bridal session. The lovely  Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa was amazing and more than complemented the southern style. We were also very fortunate to have Nissi Couture Wedding, Florals, and Events provide the stunning floral arrangement. Nissi and I are vendors in  the Munaluchi Coterie; an amazing exclusive wedding collective of vendors servicing brides of color and multicultural weddings.   It was awesome collaborating on this session with her. From the engagement session, to the bridal session– to the wedding  it has been an awesome experience servicing my clients for their wedding photography needs.  Sit back and enjoy this lovely imagery and be sure to comment below.

Have a great #weddingwednesday!





Regina Taylor -

Looks like the peer where live. These pics are very worthy or awards Sam Jasper. Great job!

Timothy Jones Photography -

Awesome work Sam Jasper!! Enjoyed every image. Princess Porter’s bouquet is absolutely breathtaking.

Nazareth Reynolds Thornton -

Beautiful !

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I had just celebrated my 28th birthday, and while working at my new job, Honda, Lori and I were patiently awaiting our daughter’s birth. Lori was at her 38 week mark and we were coming down to the wire, surely we had two more weeks right??  My job had just assigned me to a major project and unfortunately it required me to travel to Ohio that week. It was suppose to be a 2 day trip… until I got the CALL! Yes, they had admitted my pregnant wife and I was hundreds of miles away. But I was determined to meet our baby girl; nothing could stop me. I had probably booked the fastest airline ticket ever. In fact, while I was headed to the airport I was booking my flight. Everything stopped. It seemed as though time had literally stopped for me! I was about to meet my first born! My child. My sweet baby girl. Believe me when I tell you I was the first thing in the air out of Ohio that day.  I was determined. I was nervous. I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest. We had been preparing and preparing–everything had to be perfect. So I make it to the hospital that night and there is my wife, she looked exhausted, but she was in excellent spirits. By this time the doctors told us that we will try to have the baby the next day. I was so relived. I made it. I was there! That was so much for me, just to be there–just to see her when she came into this world.  There were so many emotions swirling through my body. I prayed. I pondered. I loved!

So the next day, I woke up, from not really sleeping, but I was so happy. Today was the day my life changed forever.  I was happy because my beautiful wife gave birth to  our miracle; our blessing! God spoke to me the night before about why Charity had to be born on on the 8th. She was our new beginning; our new moment!  And here we are 1 year later! It has been an amazing year! Charity has grown so much! Today is her birthday! She’s 1 year old and we are so so proud of her! We love her! Our lives have been changed forever! Happy Birthday Charity!!!



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ML_Coterie_Blog_HopPINWelcome to the first The Coterie Blog Hop.  The Coterie is Munaluchi Bridal’s collection of preferred wedding vendors. This month we’re featuring photos, articles and ideas about personalizing your wedding. The complete lineup is listed below so you can visit each blog to be inspired and learn from all of the featured articles.

Personalize your Wedding with Engagement Photos:

A great way to personalize your wedding is to use your engagement photos. Your wedding photographer most likely will offer you engagement photos as a part of your wedding package and you’ve probably invested good money in your photography. Don’t let that investment go to waste. There are many ways you can use your engagement photos before and during the wedding. Heres how:


 1. Purchase Prints:

It’s very easy to make a dramatic statement for your wedding by having a large canvas print using your engagement photos. This can be done at the ceremony or reception. Your engagement photos should show off  your personality and this is a great way to showcase that at the wedding.CCWEDD-552PINRRYW-451PIN

2. Build a Wedding Website:

Wedding websites are great ways to personalize and inform your guests about your wedding details and your love story. What is a website without pretty pictures? You definitely want to use your engagement photos here as well: Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.23.37 PMPIN




3. Incorporate into your wedding decor:

Use your engagement photos in your ceremony or reception decor. Here is an example of an aisle marker:


Using the photos in wedding programs are nice as well:


We have had couples that used their engagement photos to help the guests find their table for the reception.


So there are definitely awesome and creative ways to use your engagement photos. We hope you were inspired by our tips here! Thank you for checking out the Munaluchi Coterie Blog Hop. Happy Planning  and please make sure you stop by  the other blogs for some great insight and info about personalizing your wedding.

The next stop is Pasha Davis with Bridal Flavors.  Please visit the complete list of the hop participants below. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Munaluchi Coterie Blog Hop Line Up

  1. N’neka Scruggs,  Personalizing Your Wedding Day http://imagesbynneka.com/personalizing-your-wedding-day/
  2. Kesha Lambert Photography, The Uncontrived Photo Prophttp://keshaphotography.com/2015/05/04/wedding-photo-prop-ideas/
  3. Sam Jasper Photography, Personalizing your Wedding with Engagement Photos, www.samjasperblog.com/personalize-your-wedding-with-engagement-photos
  4. Pasha Davis, Personalizing Your Stationery http://www.bridalflavors.com/personalizing-with-stationery/
  5. Jon’ll Boyd, DIY-ers Do It Best!! http://completelyyoursevents.com/diysdoitbest/
  6. Eliza Gwendalyn, Personalizing Your Wedding http://elizagwendalyn.com/calligraphy-tips/munaluchi-coterie-blog-hop/
  7. Victoria Nee-Lartey, Chic Personalization: How to Make Your Wedding All About You www.victoriouseventsnyc.com/blog/2015/5/5/chic-ways-to-personalize-your-wedding


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We are one day away from this beautiful couple’s wedding! It was only fitting to share their amazing engagement photos. I am always amazed by  the chemistry and love my clients share for each other. An embrace here, a cuddle there; there love just shines through! Shon and Tori surely have mad endearing love for one another, and it shows. They also definitely have style. Shon’s dress was absolutely amazing and though it was a pretty cold day in October, the wind helped to make some very dramatic images. Shon is also an amazing hair stylist on Tuscaloosa, AL, so I knew her hair was going to be on point. It definitely was! I can’t wait to see their look tomorrow.  I’m sure it will be something special!


Alabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPINAlabama Engagement SessionPIN2015-05-01_0018PINAlabama Engagement SessionPIN

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It’s not every day that I get to photograph a firetruck, a tutu, an English pitbull, an AKA and Omega. This engagement session was everything! I love it when coupled incorporate the things that they enjoy into their engagement photos. It gives it so much life and form. When Kristin approached me about do their photos, I was to excited to by her ideas and it allowed for some really creative looks!  Huge thanks to the Birmingham Fire and Rescue for letting us use their truck. Just check it out! 2015-04-24_0001PIN2015-04-24_0002PIN2015-04-24_0003PIN2015-04-24_0004PIN2015-04-24_0005PIN2015-04-24_0007PIN2015-04-24_0006PIN2015-04-24_0008PIN2015-04-24_0009PIN2015-04-24_0010PIN2015-04-24_0011PIN2015-04-24_0012PIN2015-04-24_0013PIN2015-04-24_0014PIN2015-04-24_0015PIN2015-04-24_0016PIN2015-04-24_0017PIN2015-04-24_0018PIN2015-04-24_0019PIN2015-04-24_0020PIN

Velencia Campco -

Beautiful! !

Carla Yvettedrivesavette Williams -

Speechless! So beautiful!

Elucia Frances -

This is beautiful. I was wondering if I could use one of your pics.

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