I am so happy to show off Oscar and Felicia’s engagement photos today. They are so special and are so in-love. I’ll admit I was a little nervous during their shoot. Me nervous? Right… well Oscar is a photographer himself…so… I’ll get to more about that later, but I was a little nervous because I know how if it was my engagement session I would want things to be. I’ll just say Oscar and Felicia were absolutely amazing people to photograph. We decided to do something edgy and different for the first look and bright and colorful the second. I loved how Felicia looked into Oscar’s eyes all through the session. She is truly passionate about Oscar and he is definitely madly in-love with her.

Oscar is a wizard in the technology field, and Felicia is an amazing pharmacist. They met at a mutual friends house years ago and have been in love ever since. I’m so happy to be photographing their wedding tomorrow and I’m very excited for their future.

Now to my big announcement. Many may not know that Oscar has been 2nd shooting with me for over a year and we have developed a great relationship. He really is an awesome guy and I’m happy to announce that Oscar will be joining Sam Jasper Photography as an associate photographer next year. We are so happy to have such an awesome person to join our family! Congrats in advance Mr. & Mrs Matthews! I know tomorrow will be GREAT!


Adrienne IbelieveGod Nicole -

Beautiful! Love how you capture the intimate moments Oscar and Felicia.

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Everyone remembers that awesome game between Alabama and LSU back in 2008 right? It was a pretty heated match up. Well… the heat was not just at the game. O’terral and Jay were at a friends house watching the game and that’s where their undeniable passion for one another began as well. It’s not often you find someone with similar interests. Jay and O’terral love sports so its not surprising this is how they met. Fast forward 7 years later and Jay proposes and here is O’terral’s account of the event:

“He proposed on Jan 17, 2015 at 6:22am as I was standing in the the kitchen headed out to my mother’s house.  He had the proposal planned later that evening but because my mother was heading out of town, he wanted me to be able to share the moment with her.”

Simple and very sweet. When O’terral first contacted me I knew their engagement session would be special. O’terral told me she wanted something different and fun. So I said why not bring out the bubble machine?!! She was like uh yeah!!  They will be getting married next year at the beautiful botanical gardens. Here are some shots from their engagement session a  couple of  months ago.

Trunetta Atwater -

Beautiful E-Session!

Pat Rideau -

Too cute nephew. O will be a beautiful bride. Congrats again yall.

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The Love Story:

Who knew a trip to Walmart would be the start of a great romantic relationship? Well, that’s where things started for Ashley and Conrad. While in college, they took a trip to Walmart with friends and Conrad was a little hesitant to ask Ashley for her number, but he eventually sent her a Facebook friend request that evening;  Ashley gladly accepted. Eventually they exchanged numbers and they would share texts all the time. While texting wasn’t Ashley’s thing, she obliged for a short time. At this point they never had an official date. Ashley became a little frustrated with Conrad because he never followed through with a date and they hadn’t actually talked over the phone.

So, one day Ashley made a post on Twitter about deleting numbers from her phone, she came to Conrad’s name and she hesitated…she went to do something else and came back. To her surprise there was a text from Conrad that said ” Don’t delete mine”. The next day Conrad called and set up their first date. Ashley was so pleased he actually followed through and the rest is history!  They got married in Mobile,AL at the Alabama Cruise Terminal  this past May. It was a glamorous wedding with a modern masquerade flair!

The Proposal:

“The proposal on 11/11/13 was a huge surprise! My friends had me thinking I was going to a dinner meeting at Dale’s Southern Kitchen to plan a reunion for a program I was a member of in college. I’m just running my mouth catching up with the group when someone kisses me on the cheek. That someone was Conrad. I was looking at him like why are you here? He took my hand and made me stand up then I peeped the ring box in his hand! I was so shocked when I realized what was going. Conrad expressed his love and dropped down on his knee. I couldn’t utter a word; all I could do was shake my head yes. Everyone knew this was going to happen but me!   Ah, what a beautiful day that was and it will always be a day that I will never forget! Conrad later told me why he chose 11/11 to propose. He said that when we used to be around each other, I used to always ask him, “what time is it?” And for some unexplainable reason, it would almost always be 11:11 (PM or AM). It was crazy and it still happens to this day. Then he mentioned how I would always say, ” Why is it always 11:11? I think something good is going to happen to me at 11:11.” So when he thought about a proposal date, that came to mind.”



Venue: Alabama Cruise Terminal 

Planner: Two Trendy Ladies – Celena Singleton

Florist : Griffin and Company Derrick Griffin 

Event Decor: Griffin and Company Derrick Griffin 

Catering: Griffin and Company Derrick Griffin 

Cakes: Shelia Lesure

MUA/Hair: Christina Hunter

Brides Dress: Bella Couture 

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella’s Bridal Formal Wear 

Groom’s Attire: Mr. Burch’s Formal Wear 

Groomsmen Attire: Mr. Burch’s Formal Wear 

Entertainment: DJ B Brian- Brian Crawford 

Videography: Mark’s Media- LeBaron Marks

Alecia Lisa Loveless -

Simply Beautiful!!

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This is awesome! Christie and Corey’s big day is tomorrow and I’m so happy for them. I remember when I first met Christie and her family. I was photographing her fathers retirement/ birthday party. Corey was the DJ for the event and Christie had introduced me to him. I thought to myself, “they seem to be good friends”– well, little my surprise when Christie calls me months later and says “I need your services again…I’m getting Married!” I was smiling from cheek to cheek! Christie is so sweet and I know Corey is her perfect guy. They love love love Auburn Football, so we had to incorporate some of those elements into their session. Make sure you check out Christie’s Hiesman pose… she nailed it!

-Sam 2015-07-10_0004PIN2015-07-10_0002PIN2015-07-10_0011PIN2015-07-10_0010PIN2015-07-10_0001PIN2015-07-10_0007PIN2015-07-10_0005PIN2015-07-10_0008PIN2015-07-10_0006PIN2015-07-10_0009PIN

Tracy Coffey-davis -

Nice pics cuz ..

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I really miss Charles and Tiffany’s wedding day. It was everything you could hope for: simple, sweet, and all about LOVE. It strongly resembled the day we sat down for our first meeting- where Tiffany told me ” we just want everyone to have fun” “no stress,  just laid back”. That’s exactly how things went. Tiffany and Charles met in school and developed an evident passion and genuine love for one another. I noticed that in our meeting too. Continuing with their cool, calm, and collected style, I was not surprised when Tiffany informed me that they were having their reception in their beautiful downtown Birmingham loft. We had just photographed their engagement session (view here) a few weeks prior, so I knew this would be  an awesome time yet again. Needless to say, I was blown away by the awesome bridesmaids dresses and the opulent florals provided by Petal Purshers. I will remember this one for a while, and I’m glad to have met some amazing new friends.


Shanta Bender -

I truly enjoy looking at these pictures! !!! You did an awesome job of capturing their special day!

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