I just stopped by to share Candace and Mykael engagement session we shot last year in Birmingham. This shoot was so fun. I loved every minute and I think that they were having fun too. I remember when they first booked me for their wedding back in 2014… yes, I said 2014. I could tell they would be an awesome couple to work with…so fun loving and sweet.  They are getting married tomorrow and it’s going to be EPIC. I literally can’t wait! Enjoy this peek into their absolutely amazing engagement session filled with colored powder, sparklers, and a splash of romance … oh! and make sure to leave them a comment! Congrats Candace and Mykael!!!! #meettheharriells

Detrice Wright Conwell -

congrats candace and mykeal

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I am so excited and honored to be photographing today’s wedding with Jessica and Charles. They are truly a special couple and we have become good friends. I’m so excited for them.  Check out their engagement photo feature on BlackBride  and send them a congrats in the comments below! Also follow the #destinationvickers today for all kinds of behind the scenes. 2016-06-04_0002PIN2016-06-04_0001PIN2016-06-04_0003PIN2016-06-04_0004PIN2016-06-04_0005PIN2016-06-04_0006PIN2016-06-04_0007PIN2016-06-04_0008PIN2016-06-04_0009PIN2016-06-04_0010PIN2016-06-04_0011PIN2016-06-04_0012PIN2016-06-04_0013PIN

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Travis and Monique’s story is unique and special. Monique’s mom was “looking out” for her baby girl ,who had just graduated from Meharry Dental School, and wanted to introduce them. As Travis tells it, Monique was playing hard to get at first, but eventually they went out on their first date to J. Alexanders. After a few years of dating Travis just knew Monique was the right woman for him… they had started a New Years Eve tradition by going to the storyteller fountain and making a wish. Little did Monique know that one year Travis made a wish that she would be his wife. It was later that year that he surprise Monique by bringing her family to the storyteller fountain and he proposed. Well, tomorrow is their BIG DAY! I am so grateful to be apart of this wedding journey with them! Check out their engagement photos below! Be sure to leave a comment and wish them well!2016-05-27_0001PIN2016-05-27_0004PIN2016-05-27_0002PIN2016-05-27_0003PIN2016-05-27_0005PIN2016-05-27_0006PIN2016-05-27_0007PIN2016-05-27_0008PIN2016-05-27_0012PIN2016-05-27_0009PIN2016-05-27_0010PIN2016-05-27_0011PIN

Porsche Wilson -

Love these pictures!! Congratulations and God bless!!

Kunya Jones -

These are beautiful pictures Sam!

Cynthia BoldenJews -

Congratulations!! Beautiful couple and pictures

Roxana Pursuing Phd -

Congragulations Monique may your union be blessed

Keely Watts -

I love it Monique!!!! Congrats!!!!!

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Guess what? Today is Angelique and Cedric’s wedding day! But first, lets review their awesome engagement photos! I had so much fun shooting their engagement session at Morgan Creek Vineyards. It was perfect because Angelique loves wine tasting and Cedric has an obsession with fast cars! So, I said why not incorporate them both. They have an incredible love story  and we are so glad to be apart.

How They Met?

We met through Cedric’s younger brother Torrey.  I have known Torrey since the 9th grade (Ramsay High School).  It was the summer of 2013 just a couple of months before Torrey’s wedding when he sent me a text to check up on me.  So he asked me if I was dating anyone and I said no.  Then he asked if he could give my number to his brother.  I said ok.  Next, he asked me if I would send a picture so he could show his brother and I did.  It took a few days but Cedric finally contacted me.  We would talk for hours and text when we were unable to talk.  A date was finally set so we could meet face to face.  Cedric and I had a nice dinner and went to see a movie afterwards.  We said our goodbyes and from then on we were inseparable.

The Proposal?

It’s actually funny now but it was not funny then.  Cedric and I had been discussing marriage for a while so the one thing I wanted for Christmas (2014) was for Cedric to pop the question.  He planned to ask for my hand in marriage in front of my family.  It was supposed to be a surprise.  Well it didn’t exactly happen how he planned for it to go.  He had opened all of his gifts from me and to my surprise there was no gift or gifts for me.  I was upset and crushed.  I got up to go to bed because my feelings were hurt.  With his back against the wall he had to pop the question right away.  He expressed his love for me and got down on one knee and asked me for my hand in marriage.  I said yes!



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From first meeting at a restaurant to NSBE functions and concerts, Chandra and Arthur knew they had something special. I think Arthur really knew all along. Their love was meant to be. I witnessed this upon first meeting them a few months ago. As Chandra was telling me about how romantic Arthur was and how they got engaged during a hot air ballon ride in Las Vegas (how awesome is that!) , I couldn’t help but notice how Arthur was looking at her– I could really see the love in his eyes.

Its wonderful to find love! I’m just glad I get to witness the special love that these two share. Today is their wedding day and I can’t wait to capture these special moments.

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